About Us

Random Order is a Progressive Rock ensemble based in Western New York (Buffalo area) and is comprised of three members. These multi-instrumentalists have been working together on and off for over twenty years in various bands of different genres. This has given them an ability to incorporate fresh ideas while also allowing them to return to their roots and compose in the style of music they love best: Hard-Edged Symphonic Rock. This is probably the most fun they’ve had in their lives.

Random Order’s influences include King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator, Gentle Giant, Gong and a list too long to mention here. 

Gary Bock --- Guitar, Soundscapes

Gary has an uncanny ability to coax the most unusual sounds from his instrument. Using a variety of effects he can create atmospheres that send the listener into a distant universe and in a split second, pull them back into the present with a rock solo that will knock your head off. His influences range from Allan Holdsworth to Steve Hackett but a clear affinity to the Prog Rock master Robert Fripp is undeniable.

Gary possesses the unusual knack of being able to solo at a rapid pace but only when tasteful. Feel is the key here and after experiencing him live you will agree that emotion is as important as technical ability for any instrumentalist. 

Craig Weiss --- Drums, Percussion

Craig’s initial foray into percussion began at the ripe old age of four when he was introduced to The Beatles. At an early age, he studied under the tutelage of Johnny Rowland, Principal Percussionist for the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. During the late sixties and early seventies, additional influences included The Who, Santana and Cream.

Into and beyond his adolescence, the Icons of Progressive Rock drummers, Bill Bruford, Carl Palmer and Terry Bozzio were the ones Craig drew from while crafting his interesting and eclectic brand of percussion performance. Early exposure to some of Jazz Fusion’s pioneer ensembles, specifically Return to Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra, provided additional sources of inspiration. These stylings fueled a desire to play more complex compositional structures and embrace odd meter time signatures, so common to the jazz-rock fusion of that era.

Using a multitude of horns, whistles and toys, Craig puts an interesting and sometimes humorous twist into Random Order compositions. 

Bill Bunny --- Bass, Synthesizers, Controllers, Vocals

Having bought Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on his sixth birthday, it goes without saying that The Beatles were Bill’s earliest influences. Having a brother 11 years his senior moved him into the position of being the only kid in his 2nd grade class with Cream’s Wheels of Fire album. Initially a bassist, Bill’s favorite in his younger days was Jack Bruce of Cream. In eighth grade After hearing Genesis’ Selling England by the Pound, Bill was captivated by the harmonic interplay that is so prevalent in Symphonic Prog Rock. Bill fell hook, line and sinker when exposed to King Crimson soon after. Always having a craving for the sounds that keyboardists were able to obtain, Bill began the acquisition and education process of the instruments he plays today. Bill is self-taught and as he says “…sometimes it shows”.