Random Order welcomes you to it's Website.  Listen to our CD while you view the site.  If you like what you hear, please visit our webstore and purchase your own copy.

We want to thank all the folks who continue to show interest in progressive rock music. 

On Saturday November 23, 2013 Random Order is proud to continue the Saturday Night Concert Series at Brunner's  Tavern, 3989 Main St in Amherst, NY.  Random Order will be performing King Crimson's Red album in its entirety as well as many other King Crimson pieces.  Opening the show will be offshoot band Isosceles.  Isosceles features members of Random Order and will perform selections by Tool, Cream, The Tea Party, Max Webster and Billy Cobham. 

Show is from 9:00 pm-1:00 am.  Please tell your friends and come out to see some unusual selections that you should enjoy during a "Dual" show.  This should be a cool concert series and we would love to make it a regular occurrance.

Thanks to you again for supporting us and as long as you keep coming, we'll keep going!

We hope to see all of you out again if possible and PLEASE feel free to hang around and talk and drink with us. 

Thanks for listening and hope you can make it!


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Thanks for listening.




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